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Emma Watson’s feminist princess

At the Los Angeles premiere of “Beauty and the Beast,” Emma Watson gushes about playing a “very modern and actually very progressive” Disney princess. (March 3)

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  • why ppl hate so much the word feminist?? i consider myself a feminist, my mom was the strongest figure in my life while i was growing up, she was a single mother of 3 and a night working nurse, she raised us without ever asking for help, i remember her paying the bills, driving the car, leading protests in her work; my mother's family is very conventional, plus i live in Peru, a developing country where sometimes women are not sent to school, my mom has 4 brothers and three sisters (she is the only daughter with a college degree) and i remember family meetings where only the brothers and her sister's husbands were present, and my mom was THE ONLY WOMAN there, giving the strongest opinions, and she was listened!, cause she was the most professionally successful in the room, and my brother, my sister and i, are the only grandchildren out of the whole family who are studying at the university, I'm studing at the best university in my country, and my mom is my biggest inspiration, and she made me and my family look at women differently, and yes! im very proud to say, she is a FUCKING FEMINIST!…

  • I say feminists are a different gender, there assholes to both males and females but not other feminists, I call them "CraCraFucks" and there stupid.there is lots of reasons some woman make less than men and yet they seem to be doing fine. so my words on feminism is that there stupid and don't know shit from shinola!

  • Hermione gone full retard…. never go full retard. Now tell me what rights women don't have in the west, now please let's honor a real feminist like Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Then please tell me how many kilos the women's champion lifted in the Olympics and then tell me the gold medal weight for the men's division, and then complain to a brick wall. She isn't even close on her analysis of the story behind Beauty and the Beast…. if anything the story encourages young women to become romantically involved with abusive men. This is the WORST story for a feminist to star in. Two steps below Barbarella (1968)