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Bill Cosby’s Sex-Assault Trial Is Set for June

Comedian Bill Cosby will stand trial on sexual assault charges next June, a Pennsylvania judge said Tuesday, as defense attorneys and prosecutors continued to spar over what evidence a jury should be allowed to hear. Photo: AP.

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  • Will there be ever an ending? Am tired of hearing about this man, they are languishing the case, making sure all the planet know about it . They did same for Michael Jackson but; curiously, I never heard about the Epstein case, multiple child molestation, even one time on TV, the guy serve six months in jail then fly to Paris to have a good life, joining… Polansky, wanted for sodomising a minor and also living in Paris, France, and the swizerland.

    Why they don't just send Cosby to jail and move on or live the guy alone, his best years are done, he lost his only son by an unknown murderer and justice could not serve that case.

    He lost 79% of his fortune already, that's the man who could had bought NBC.