Bride adds dead brother to wedding photos with enhanced family pictures

Catherine Flower, her mother, stepfather and brother Shaun Carter Image copyright Jelly Penguin Graphics/ Catherine Flower

A bride whose brother died weeks before her wedding has made him a part of the day with a “miracle” photo.

Catherine Carter’s brother Shaun died in an accident in May but when she tied the knot in July she asked a designer to incorporate him into her pictures.

In the image, Catherine can be seen posing alongside her mother and step-father while a faint image of Shaun can be seen with his hand on her shoulder.

She said: “Seeing him in the pictures was a miracle, I couldn’t stop crying.”


Shaun was 29 when he died in an accident on a construction site in Cirencester, in Gloucestershire, at the end of May.

“I really wanted him to be in my pictures,” said Catherine, who married John Flower at St Paul’s Church in Chippenham in July.

“He was supposed to be there and it looks like he is there – I love them so much.

Image copyright Jelly Penguin Graphics/ Catherine Flower

“It means so much to me to have a photo of him standing with us. I’ve framed it and have it in my living room now.”

The special images were created by Rachel, from Aberdeen-based firm Jelly Penguin Graphics who said Catherine’s request had been “heartbreaking”.

“She asked if I could add her brother to her wedding photos and I thought it would help,” she said.

“I gave her a warning that I was sending the photos over and asked her if she was ready, just in case, and she said she cried all over the phone.

‘Hundreds of messages’

“I never knew how much it would mean to Catherine.”

Since the images were posted online, they have attracted more then 2,000 likes and hundreds of comments from people wanting loved ones added to their family photographs.

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