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City Officials and Community Leaders on Charlotte Shooting

In a Wednesday press conference, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney said that Keith Lamont Scott had a gun and was posing a threat to police officers when he was shot and killed. Community leaders responded with questions on the use of force and called for an economic boycott. Photo: AP

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  • The problem is uneducated people who know little about the law or how to
    behave accordingly. People keep saying "unarmed" or "child" as if they
    are magic words that negate any harm an individual could do to an
    officer or others. In reality one does not have to be 18 and a legal
    adult to maim or kill another person and they don't have to posses a
    weapon either. Deadly force used by an 8 year old is the same as deadly
    force used by a 44 year old. People kill each other without weapons
    all the time as well. Everyone has hands to strangle with or ball up
    into fists to beat each other with…guns aren't as common as hands.
    The problem is people who believe what they see in the movies, that its
    easy to defend yourself from an armed or unarmed attacker, that if you
    get shot or stabbed you can just keep going unaffected with no long term
    injuries. Know the law and be realistic. Until people educate
    themselves on these issues we will continue to see riots like this one.
    Not protests, riots. Also lets all to think of one instance where
    protesting has actually made an official stand up and change the law or a
    policy other than during the civil rights era. Guess what…protesting
    doesn't do anything and save for the civil rights era, it never has.