Josh Homme: Queens of the Stone Age frontman kicks woman

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Queens of the Stone Age musician Josh Homme has apologised after a female photographer said he kicked her in the head during a concert in Los Angeles.

Chelsea Lauren posted a video on social media that appeared to show Homme kick her as she took pictures close to the stage on Saturday night.

“I now get to spend my night in the ER. Seriously, WHO DOES THAT?”, she said.

In a statement, Homme apologised and said he would never intentionally cause harm to someone.

Ms Lauren described the “obviously very intentional” incident to Variety magazine.

“I saw him coming over and I was shooting away,” she said. “He looked straight at me, swung his leg back pretty hard and full-blown kicked me in the face. “

She says she will file a police report.

Ms Lauren posted an update to Instagram along with two photographs she had taken seconds before the incident. She said her eyebrow was bruised and her neck was sore.

“I hold nobody accountable for this but Josh himself”, she added.

Homme, 44, issued an apology through the Queens of the Stone Age Twitter account.

He said he was “in a state of being lost in performance” when he kicked over some equipment on stage and made contact with Ms Lauren.

“I hope Chelsea will accept my sincere apology”, he said.

But the apology was criticised by some Twitter users, including Mr Homme’s friend, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, who branded it “weak”.

Ms Lauren later thanked the Queens of the Stone Age fan base for their support following the incident.

It is not the first time Mr Homme has been criticised for his on-stage behaviour.

In 2008, he was accused of homophobia after insulting a fan during a concert in Norway. He had threatened to kick the fan in the face before throwing a bottle at him.

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