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The GOP’s Roy Moore Dilemma: What Are the Options?

The GOP has a number of options when it comes to dealing with Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been mired in sexual misconduct allegations, but each one presents a dilemma for the party. WSJ’s Shelby Holliday explains. Photo: Getty Images.

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  • R.I.P. GOP.
    You let this get to far.
    That man sent people to prison for small bags of marijuana while he was molesting children.
    AT THE SAME TIME. You died this year by backing him for the US Senate.

  • I say expel the RINO's like McConnell, Graham, Ryan, etc., and let Moore take his position! The RINO's lost their trust and are not representing the people who elected them… Big Money is all that has kept them there… It's time to take them out!!

  • But why is the GOP national committee funding Roy Moore. Every democratic leaning news paper will have a picture of Mitch and Paul with the by line “ I sold my soul to be with perv “. Of course they figure once the tax bill has passed nothing matters. The dems should threaten the gop donors that they will repeal the estate portion of the bill. Cause the dems will win if the tax bill passes and they accept perv with open arms.

  • they will expel him from senate and then the governor will appointed someone who will fill that seat. Trump doesn't has many choice. lost that seat to dems and then chance more likely dems will become majority in 2018 midterm getting bigger. because Nevada and arizona is a toss up seat in 2018 .then mccain health in question right now.