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The Political Consequences of the Clinton-Lynch Meeting

A spontaneous meeting between U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former president Bill Clinton could cause a political headache for the Hillary Clinton campaign. WSJ’s Gerald F. Seib explains. Photo: AP

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  • "There's no reason to believe they discussed anything untoward?" Are you kidding? Are you really that stupid or do you think we the American people are?

  • I cant believe this guy said, "no reason to think anything untoward was going on"… are you kidding me? I dont understand why these news people think the rest of us are too stupid to KNOW something "untoward" was going on, and my guess is information about Hillarys investigation was passed to Bill Clinton.

  • I don't care how you want to down play the crime, it is an utter lack of respect for the law. As if the fact she was obviously selling state secrets to foreign governments is not enough, now we can add obstruction of justice. Lynch and the Clintons will go down in flames…(edit) Along with the state controlled media.

  • Bill Clinton trying to resurrect himself, is pulling all the strings now. The foundation is filthy. The women, Hillary and Loretta, Chelsea, Huma, etc, serve Bill and his pals.

  • Typical of the sleaze bag criminally corrupt clinton assholes, impeached bill walking onto AG lynch's plane, what a fucking asshole. Obviously probably threatened her to back off on islam radicals as well as assure his his skanky piece of shit wife will not be indicted. All of these perverts of justice is what is wrong with America. Obama's, Rodham's, Clinton's all belong in prison.

  • How can you say with a straight face that nothing will come out of compromising national security? Use of unauthorized non secure system in transmission and receiving and storing sensitive classified data on an unsecured and unencrypted server. Constant lies about lapses in judgment. Destroying 30000 emails. Failing to surrender the emails when she left office. Declining to cooperate with the IG. Aids taking the fifth hundreds of times.

  • the fix is in, the motherfucker rule and get away with evetything, down with these no good bastards god forbid a regular citizen steals an apple and goes to jail for life, these motherfucker buy themselves out of everything, the justice dept is a manipulation of the wealthy. black lives don't mattet, nobody's life matters to them only money and power, idiots for Clinton need the violence against them, because they are stupid and will suffer along with everyone else for their lack of vision

  • HAHAHA A clean bill of health for committing a crime that goes against the espionage act. If nothing comes of this law breaking email scandal then I have no faith in our (what's supposed to be fair) justice system or the people running it. If Mrs Clinton is innocent then let her be indicted fairly according to the law, and she will have no problem winning the case. If this were Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders, either one would have been indicted ASAP. Let's cut the BS, stop showing videos that seemingly look like shady/illegal deals are happening and in the same damn video say that nothing's gonna happen. Not only does that make it seem that the government is corrupted, it also seems like this whole damn thing is wasting taxpayers dollars.