View from space of Peru's flood devastation

Aerial view of a collapsed road after a massive landslide and flood in Trujillo, northern Peru Image copyright Reuters

A series of devastating floods in Peru have left 100 dead and tens of thousands homeless since the start of the year.

Entire roads and bridges have been swept away, towns have been engulfed and farmland has been turned to muddy swamp.

It has led to more than 800 towns and cities declaring states of emergency, and brought about a rise in the price of food. Police have been deployed to keep law and order in flood-ravaged areas.

Now, this series of satellite images – collected by the Amazon Monitoring Project (MAAP), involving the conservation groups ACA and ACCA Peru – show how the rising water changed the landscape in the north-west of the country between January and March.

Maps Image copyright MAAP
Maps Image copyright MAAP
A map showing the flood waters around a river Image copyright MAAP
Maps Image copyright MaAP
Maos Image copyright MAAP

Pictures courtesy of MAAP, a joint project between Amazon Conservation Association and Conservación Amazónica- ACCA Peru. Original satellite images courtesy of European Space Agency, NASA/USGS and Planet.

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