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With Comey Fired, What Happens to Russia Probe?

President Trump dropped a political bombshell on Tuesday when he fired FBI Director James Comey. WSJ’s Gerald F. Seib examines how Comey’s exit affects the investigations into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. Photo: Getty

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  • Ahhhh. Poor Comey. He thought TRump was going to be his BFF after he screwed up Clinton's election. Now that the truth about his messing in the mess starts to come out, he reverses and starts investigations into TRump to make his part in the election look legal and equal. Then his BFF fires him! hahahahahahahahahahahha..lololololol hahahahahahahhaha

    O thank you Republicans. I needed that.

  • @TRUMP IS A COWARD/PUSSY 🔥 firing FBI director james comey by a 💌 letter instead of telling him face/face A REAL MAN/PRESIDENT would have called him to the Whitehouse sat down and told him to his face..TRUMP IS FAKE.

  • I hope the new FBI director will re-open the investigation into the IRS scandal. That was the greatest of all threats to our democracy. Trump let the obummer and hilldabeast crimes go unpunished. Trump's attitude was to let it go and move forward. Big mistake.

  • In any court or forum, evidence is by definition something revealed. Saying "there is evidence but i cannot reveal it" is of no consequence except for the media in the court of public opinion. Well, I can see the use of this otherwise useless probe as effective propaganda for the dim-witted by some of the comments.

  • You're fake and controlling. I will not watch you and I will not hear you out. You have lied so much and for so long that all you do now is babble. Lost trust is one of the saddest things a human should endure.

  • This won't do anything to stop the Russian probe. There are many democrats on the hill who will keep it going. Of course there not interested in fact that Hillary sold Russia our uranium. Or that democrats spoke to Russians​. They have to keep this bogus investigation alive.

  • It's like the Nixon scandal when he was trying to get rid of anyone looking into Watergate, except now it's Trump doing it, and trying to get rid of anyone who looks into his ties with Russia during the 2016 election..

  • It is amazing that idiots on the left still believe in the imaginary probe against Trump. NEWS FLASH There is no probe. How many times do idiots have to be told the Trump was not in collusion with the Russians in the election. There was pleanty of room for a criminal probe against the Clintons, but they get a pass for selling 20 percent of our uranium to the Russians. That the Clintons received millions of dollars in their phony charity from the Russians and that sex pedophile slick Willey gets millions for speaking in Russia. The left ignores real criminal and corruption facts because their butt hurts because Trump WON. Illegal private server, 30 thousands emails erased, Top secret and classified emails sent to outside members of the government. Pathetic bunch of losers on the left think criminal activity on their side is perfectly fine.

  • trump fired Comey because he was mean to Hillary? Give me a break, nobody is buying it. All he wants to do is put one of his buddies in charge of the investigation. The new FBI director will probably say that trump helps old ladies across streets and is nice to bunnies.

  • You need to be fair!  I agree, the probe should continue.  And Investigations should be reopened on Obama and Hillary and those two should be charged with treason accordingly.

  • cnn, abc, cbs & nbc are really po'd because they want undisputed control over the news. Their version. How dare anyone else try to influence the election! That's their job. This investigation was (and is) going nowhere. That's a fact. Trump fired comey so that we can start dissassemling the "deep state". We don't need the FBI to be another political hack.