Facebook cuts out gun-accessory ads for children

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Children will stop seeing adverts for gun accessories on Facebook as it updates its policy from 21 June.

Currently, ads for scopes, holsters, gun-mounted lights, slings, sights, belt extras, safes and many other items can be seen by anyone using Facebook.

Facebook said the decision followed a “regular review” of its policies.

But Tech news site The Verge speculated that the move was connected to renewed focus on gun violence in the US following a spate of school shootings.

Facebook said sales of weapons, ammunitions, explosives and magazines were already restricted on its network as were those that helped people modify guns.

The company also recently announced plans to improve the way people were told about how they were being targeted for adverts.

From 2 July, users will be informed when an advertiser has used a data broker, a company that collects and sells customer data to allow better advert targeting.

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