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Are the Giants committing quarterback malpractice?

There’s finger-pointing in the locker room and questions about who the starting QB should be for the rest of the season. Should the Giants start Kyle Lauletta or Alex Tanney, and when should they make the change? We also give our predictions for this week’s matchup vs. the Bears.

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  • I was totally onboard when Pat Shurmur was hired but he’s convinced me that I was wrong. How he makes those comments during his pressers are beyond baffling?! As this podcast addressed, Tanney is definitely NOT the answer; the fact he’s even on the team is absolutely absurd. Webb was cut because the front office didn’t want to deal with fans calling his name at MetLife. In the meantime, we have Shurmur saying “this isn’t tryouts”. Really? So you’re not at all interested in seeing what Lauletta offers? Perhaps they already know it’s not much but at this point does it even matter? They’re 3-8 with the only thing to look forward to is draft positioning. I’m at a complete loss. After last seasons debacle I never envisioned it happening again yet here we are…