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CJ McCollum calls ring chasing ‘disgusting’: Do you believe him? | The Jump | ESPN

After calling out Kevin Durant for his move from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Golden State Warriors, Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum upped the ante on Chinese television by calling ring chasing “disgusting.” He later walked the comment back a bit, but The Jump’s Jorge Sedano, Kevin Arnovitz and Royce Young weren’t about to let him off the hook, particularly for what he said about DeMarcus Cousins on his podcast.

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  • Y'all ngas buggin agreeing with these reachin ass clowns. CJ ain't talking about regular teams getting better, he talking about players goin to a team that's ALREADY won a ring WITHOUT them, smh.

  • I usually dont comment but you guys dont know what ring chasing is number one so all your points are an oversight.Ring chasing is when you join a winning team, not to be confused with a superteam!He didnt say he is against super teams, he is against ring chasing, joining an already winning formula that doesnt need you so that you can add a ring!You guys come across as ignorant!!

  • If KD and Cousins joined the blazers next year he won't have anything to say! Please just stop….as a Miami heat fan I am pissed that my team is no longer winning anymore LOL…but this constant crying and whining has to STOP….PLEEEEEEAASSE! Win against the Pelicans first!

  • If the Blazers don’t win anything in the near future, CJ is gonna only be remembered for criticizing super teams. Ain’t look like he making an All Star team in the West either

  • These dumb cunt analysts now want to 'define' ring chasing now. These guys are trying to argue a technicality to compare CJ MCollum to KD and say that CJ is just as bad lol, GTFO.
    ESPN analysts talking shit once again. These guys just argue their way into insanity.

  • Kevin Durant is a bitch. He's right. He left Russell high and dry just to get a ring. Now granted, the objective of the game or any game is to win, but there is such a thing called integrity and the morally correct way of doing things. It's like that line Tupac said in " Changes " " I made a G today, but you did it in a sleezy way ". Sure Durant has two rings now, but you sold out to get those rings. The Warriors didn't need him. They would've won more rings without Durant. To make matters even worse, his effeminate move has emboldened other effeminate move making type of players as evidenced by Demarcus Cousins joining the team. Durant lacks balls and has little to no will power which is why he is seen getting caught up in silly arguments over the internet. His conscience is troubling him.

  • CJ keeping it real by calling out KD; but didnt keep it real in his podcast with kd. Call him out in his face. Whole league need to call out a top 2 player for making such a sad move. Of all teams he could join he chose the 73 win team he was 3-1 up on. #sadfigure

  • he's NOT Talking about trying to have a Good team or improving w/ 1 or 2 guys… ;

    he's talking about "7" Hall of Famers, who could ALL be max players, taking minimums & intentionally creating a team, that makes it almost impossible, for even other 'Great teams & players to have a chance…… on some level It IS wrong & crosses a line… ;;

    If Magic, Kareem, Jordan, Pippen, & Larry Bird ALL joined forces in LA
    that would have destroyed all the rivalry's & competitive fun of their time…. ;

    why not add Lebron, steph, Kd, kuzma, klay, boogie, & AD all on the same team..??
    bcuz that would be ridiculous & totally unfair to the whole league… ;
    it would be "disgusting", & wrong and m ost people & players would agree w/ that… ; )

  • I don't think he has anything against gs, but when kd started to brag bout how his team couldn't top warriors in the west, I kinda felt a way, don't hop on the best team and then shit on your fellow player talking bout y'all can't beat us, that's some pussy boi shit

  • Form ur own super team but dont join one .. whoever joins gs at the moment is ring chasing cause he's not needed .. kd wasn't needed same as boogie

  • theres nothing really wrong with ring chasing but the rings you get from it mean less.

    kds 2 rings dont mean a lot even though he mostly played well and was 2x finals mvp.

    demarcus cousins ring will mean absolutely nothing.

    these guys just shortchange themselves and take the easy path. kd winning one ring in okc wouldve meant more than winning three in this warriors team.

  • Yeah but when Chuck, Mail Man, and Mitch tried it, it was at the end of their careers. So it was more like a "last hurrah" when they've already maximized their talents on their own teams. These new guys are taking the punk way out and trying to band together while they're still in their primes. That's a slaughter and non-competitive. The competition committee needs to step in and clean this shit up because they're watering down the validity of true championship mettle and balance.

  • These guys act like boogie joining the trailblazers is the same thing as boogie as joining the defending champs. Joining CJ means there's work to do to win instead of hoping on a championship warriors and do your minimum job and win is a good choice. That's riding the coat tails. Wheres the display of skill in that?

  • Dude is just salty as fuck 😂
    He was swept by the pelicans without boogie and then cried because he went to the warriors instead of Portland.

    He uses KD as a scapegoat for his failures when they couldn't even get past the pre KD warriors with an injured Steph 😂

  • Blah Blah Blah these Media ppl kill me they sat here for 2 minutes explaining what Ring Chasing is they know damn well what it is these are Professionals they have the resources … just give ur opinion and move on! It’s Corney point blank Period it makes the Playoffs Boring if U are not a Fan of Lebron or the Warriors… Ratings will go down this year in the Finals again I guarantee it… I don’t even remember seeing a Good series after the first round… Lebron is all they had his Game 7’s saved the Playoffs!

  • there's a difference joining the heat who lose in the first round or the lakers who didnt even make the playoffs vs. joining the winningest team in franchise history and also the team who you lost to