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Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears – Detroit Lions Preview Show

MLive sports writers Kyle Meinke and Nate Atkins discuss the upcoming Detroit Lions vs the Chicago Bears football game.

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  • I like Abbredaris and am sorry to see him go. He's an excellent route runner with solid hands, and I recall him having a knack for getting past defenders DEEP when he was in college, but they never even tried to see if he could replicate that in the pros. Not even one shot.

    I hope he gets resigned at some point, but it won't be because of poor performance by the current receiving core. Everyone already knows that Tate and Jones have been playing the best football of their careers lately, but I wonder how many people have realized how well T.J. Jones is playing? I saw some potential in him as a young player and he has shown this season that he is a true NFL talent. They've relied on him in key moments and he's come through for them.

    Golden Tate's salary has become a shame. When he was originally signed he was overpaid with the hope that given more opportunity than he had in Seattle he'd live up to the contract. Unexpectedly, he's way outplayed the contract; he's had three straight seasons of 90+ catches and is always in the top 5 in YAC and is leading in that category this year, as well as having an incredible 79% reception percentage, second in the league. He's only being paid $6 million this season and scheduled to make $7 million next season. When Tavon Austin is making $10.5 million a year and Kenny Britt $8.5, that is about as big of an injustice (when speaking on NFL contracts) as can be.

    Tate's skills don't jump out at you like most #1 receivers because he isn't big or blazing fast, but as far as production goes, he is worth close to as much as the top wideouts. The only WR who is more underpaid that Tate is Julien Edelman, who is similar to Tate in terms of unimpressive size and speed but who continuously beats defenses and gets the job done.

    The top 15 WR's are paid between $10 and $17 million a season. The Lions should sign him to a new contract extension in the offseason that see's him get paid at least $10 million a season. Anything less would be just criminal.