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Do Boston Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers have better offer for Kawhi Leonard? | ESPN

Bobby Marks compares the offers the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers can make the San Antonio Spurs for Kawhi Leonard and what would prevent Marks from making the deal for Leonard.
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  • If I was Boston and could get a sign and trade for Kawhi (multi year!) I would trade both Irving and Gordon Hayward… add Kawhi to the group that went to the East finals (plus another year of growth for Tatum, Brown and Rozier) + future haul of draft picks still intact for longevity, what's not to like. Top 3 player for Top 10 and a one time all star. Hayward is a lesser player on both ends than Leonard, and Kyrie is not as needed in Coach Steven's system, Rozier is more than enough to run things. Keep Marcus Smart, sign and trade for Kawhi. Between, Smart, Leonard, Morris, and Horford, that will lock down anyone. As for Spurs, you get as much as you are ever going to get for a disgruntled player and they are both relatively young and you can reboot with Kyrie, Hayward, and Aldridge.

  • Am I the only person on this thread thinking that the bald headed guy with glasses is a total idiot? Without Tatum the Lakers have the better deal to offer. If I’m San Antonio, I am not trading a super star for Jaylen Brown. Any deal that does not involve Tatum I’m hanging up the phone on Boston PERIOD

  • if kawhi goes to boston, there is a good chance Lebron could join him. Signing in Boston for extension with Lebron is plausible. I'm just thinking of a win win situation.

  • Why… just why would Boston even entertain this when he made it clear he wants to be in LA? They already have something special, why give it up just to rent a player for one yr?

  • Gonna be a dumb move specially for Boston if they trade for a 1 year rental, questionable injured player and give up any of their young talent. Wait til next year. See if he's healthy enough to be the same player he was and sign him long term if he wants to play for you without losing any assets.
    For the Lakers, well at least you're Leonard's prefered destination.

  • I still dont understand why lebron would go to the west and that means you playing the warriors or the rockets just to make it out the west vs. Meeting them in the championship
    Is it just me?? Maybe i missed something..

  • If I'm Ainge i offer kings pick next yr & Morris…& that is it. Take it or leave it. Kawhi is a 1 yr rental who hasn't played in over a yr because he's either still injured or just a quitting bitch.

  • This is all just a grand plan by Popovich. He trades an injured Leonard to LA or Celtics to ravage them of young talent. The following year a 100% healthy Leonard will go back to the reloaded Spurs.

  • I don't know why people listen to this dude Bobby Marks anymore. He's the idiot THAT MADE THE NETS TRADE, which is the reason why Boston are so stacked right now.

    ESPN shills just trying to get views. Spurs are on the ropes and aren't getting more than 1 good talent (ingram/rozier) + picks from either team. They should just deal with the Lakers and take Ingram/filler and picks which is more than enough to rebuild, they aren't getting anything better

  • No way Ainge does this for a 1 yr rental with injury issues who hasn't played for over a yr & quit on his team. Celts are already good enough to win a title. Celts have enough great wings in Hayward, Tatum, Brown.

  • As Long as Kawhi is healthy I’d trade Jaylen Brown & gamble on Kawhi Staying. With Kawhi added to that group they’re the best team in the league.

  • Not completely against the idea of trading for Kawhi. Let’s say they trade Jaylen Brown, rozier, a first round pick and some other decent player (baynes or something). They would have to trade either jaylen or Tatum and I think Tatum is more valuable at this point but the lineup for next season would be Kyrie, Hayward, Kawhi, Tatum, and Horford. Those five, barring any significant injuries, would definitely make the finals if not win them, and I think Kawhi will fit well into Brad Stevens’ offense and want to stay after a season of success. I understand not wanting to risk doing something dumb with all these assets but to win a championship you need to take some risks especially if you want to have any chance to beat a team as stacked as golden state

  • Leanard success is due to coach Pops "father figure" mentality . Leanard is like that awkward kid who's scared to speak to people. He ain't gna survive on another team

  • Quick reminder. The guy that's talking is Bobby Marks, he was in the nets front office when they made that trade with Boston he has 0 creditability

  • Fake news the Celtics aren't breaking up a team that was a quarter away from the finals for a player that 1. may or may not be healthy 2. may or may not resign. Boston has more assets but they don't need Kawhi that bad to break it up. Especially if they want Anthony Davis as bad as they claim. This is just the Spurs trying to get more from the Lakers, the Clippers don't have enough. The Spurs should be quick tho because if PG leaves OKC for LA. there goes SA leverage.

  • It’s funny because the Media is making it seem like Danny Ainge is willing to mortgage his team’s future for one year of Khawi. It’s clear at this point, anyone who turns down $219 mil and walks away from the best coach and most consistent team in the past 20 years (a team which he won a ring and finals mvp with) already have their minds made up. Khawi is going to LA whether it’s this year or next year. It was nice to see magic smiling at the press conference because I understand where he’s coming from, he has nothing to lose, the Spurs and Celtics do.

  • This is clearly the celtics have more to offer, they both have young talent and plenty of it, but the young talent on celtics are playoff ready!, the lakers youth couldn’t even get out of the regular season

  • Celtics should offer nothing but a draft pick and perhaps Marcus Smart in a trade for Kawhi. It’s the biggest risk in the world and the reward doesn’t seem likely to guarantee the Celtics any more certainty to win Championships than they can with their current squad. Keep Taytum, keep Brown. Kyrie and Hayward are returning back to 100% health and along with Horford, that’s a NBA Finals team from the Eastern Conference right there for the next 4-5 years.