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Drew Brees is elevating the New Orleans Saints to new levels | Get Up!

Rex Ryan and Dan Orlovsky break down the New Orleans Saints’ 48-7 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, and discuss the historic season Drew Brees is having. They also examine the Eagles Super Bowl hangover.

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  • Thomas only pro bowl wr / te really we've had for brees i think Shockey was a really good not great player hes is a favorite im not bashing any of these guys jus saying what i see but colston an graham same really good not great players who were both good at jumping a but mike thomas is elite and a beast brees needed him for so long kamara is a better reggie bush and can take it up the gut where bush couldnt and i love reggie he's in my top 10 fav saints of all time but kamara does Bush's best trait his recieving skill kamara is on new level with it im only 26 and been watching since 8 yrs old but ive never seen a running back that looked like he could be your number 1 wr if he wanted he runs that fly route better than some wrs but he's a rb its insane he can run ppl over too ppl dont realize they sleep on that till he gets them jus thomas kamara the oline and this d# if brees had these things whole career hes got at least as many rings as brady plus brees wouldnt lose in no super bowl he's a gamer that way trust me when he beats brady in the super bowl this year he's going to have SB wins against brady and manning plus wrecked favre in nfc champ plus olay off win over kurt warner in a row for chip hes got he wrecked warner he retired the old gunslinger favre really he played again but wasnt the same player then he wrecked manning thats and epic and toughest road to the super bowl title ever imo the legends he took down bringing the N.O A chip finally hes already my goat so im biased but i think theres an argument when he gets this head to head over brady in the sb its happening watch we got this #WhoDat #DrewDat #SuperSaints2.0

  • If Drew Brees wanted to throw 10 touchdowns he could. Drew Brees is a leader so he will utilize his weapons and the run game. I dont understand the debate with this Mahomes vs Brees. Mahomes is great but if all that matters is yards and how many touchdowns a QB can score without factoring in completion rates, turnovers, and leadership, let Mahomes have the mvp. Saints will continue focusing on the wins and playing together as a team. Saints would not be where they are today without Brees. He dont just throw to the best receivers everyone even receivers I've never heard of get recognized from his accurate passes. Brees is the heart of the Saints.

  • I like Aaron Rodgers but why do people always over look that Aaron is known as the hail mary king. Why is that? Oh maybe because he cant get in done in quarters 1-3 and he has to launch it with a prayer at the end of games. Drew is the best QB ever.

  • Brees is the only QB to lead the league in yards and TDs while having 13 plus wins and not win MVP. He should have at least two MVPs already. Cam Newton and Matt Ryan have won MVP and Brees hasn't. It's ridiculous. He is the best QB in the game and arguably the best ever. Brees won a Superbowl with a defense ranked 23rd.

  • The stereotypical quarterback, is 6 foot 3 or 6 foot 4. Because of that, Drew Brees almost has to dominate through the rest of the season, maybe win an MVP, and solidify his place as an all time great. He is considered, not by me, the little man who somehow does what he does at only 6 feet tall. The Saints are still completely underrated as they dominate, which is pretty unbelievable. 

    Even their running game which is also elite with Mark Ingram II and Alvin Kamara somehow flies under the radar.

  • Why aren’t you still giving the saints credit? They scored 48 points because they are the Saints. Not the first time they have done that this season. Going into the game they averaged nearly 38 points per game. It was the eagles defense that sucked, it was the saints being the saints on offense. The eagles, most wentz, couldn’t get anything going. That’s why the blowout came about.

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