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Lonzo Ball needs to be more like De’Aaron Fox – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith explains why it’s a problem for Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton to call out Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram and compares Lonzo’s lack of aggression to Sacramento Kings PG De’Aaron Fox’s high-energy game.

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  • Stephen A. Smith TOTALLY WRONG. Have he actually watch Fox play? The ball is literally glued to his hand. He dribbles soo much before he does anything. He actually doesn't pair well with Lebron. You can see that with Rondo and Lebron on the court, it doesn't pair well. It doesn't make any sense. If your case was "if the Lakers had drafted Tatum instead of Lonzo"… then I wouldn't be here commenting on this nonsenses.

  • Lonzo NEEDS to simply be himself and continue to work on his game. He doesn’t need to be like anyone else, especially someone that was in his draft class. We always try to compare players, instead of giving people time to grow and figure this game out. Lonzo will evolve. Every flower blooms differently.

  • This guy is so fucking loud…
    Also, does this guy remind anyone of a character from the Family show, the Proud Family?? I forget which character, an uncle or something?…anyways he annoying af

  • Magic Johnson is a fucking jackass!!! Should of brought back Jerry West as a consultant when he wanted to come back but magic stupid pride didn't allow him too sad to say but the Clippers will land Kawahi and KD the snake next year they just might be champions before the Lakers will

  • Once again happy New Years to the both of you Steven A., both of you guys together doing a great job. I might be wrong in my opinion and yes what does one have to do with the other when it comes to motivation and having to drive in and wanting to be better in a position, but for some reason psychologically for some reason psychologically speaking ,. Lonzo's father interference, along with me attention he has been getting especially since LeBron James has gotten there Cryptid lazos psychological Drive if that makes any sense? As a start. Besides that Steven A you were 100% correct, there are hundred, thousands trying to make the NBA. Once again with all the attention before and after, and the changes that were made since the Bond James got there no, I believe has dramatically affected the mindset of Lonzo ball.. greatness demands greatness and if you cannot produce on that higher level to be rated as a superstar, you will naturally be relieved of that title. . There aren't I too many players that are hungry enough to sacrifice and do what it takes to be us to start and regardless of whether or not he has received all the Fast and Furious attention due to his father yeah, he even gets over it or he'll be buying a ticket to watch the game.

  • All our guys need more effort and consistency….the defense is just terrible and the shooting is a light switch stuck in the middle🙄it’s the reason the fans are so fickle, cause there’s days where they go out there and GET IT—then they go 0-2 in the next game. Like we should be .500 without LeBron, and able to win 40-45 games with none of those other guys on the court. These guys need to REALLY improve

  • Yall still pressuring this kid? Took him awhile for him to come out of shell cuz of the pressure media gives cuz of his dad and they still pressure the man boy is scared to mess up especially his shot. Im all for the criticism but how come we dont get stories from other point guards who are slipping a bit since their down on the dept chart stephen a has a point with fox being agressive but they aint in the same position to be compared to even tho this his job his point is more petty to me than observation fox literally just showed up to sac with the only pressure on him was to be a consistent point guard. Lonzo was drafted to bring back showtime and to be better than steph at 20. These analysts tho more dramatic then facts they just trying to sell this story for views cuz its lakers and its lonzo and its Ball family. Smh stephen a