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NFC Wild Card: Eagles vs. Bears preview and predictions

The Eagles are underdogs against the Bears for Sunday’s playoff-opener, but the two teams match up pretty well. Zack Rosenblatt and Mike Kaye went position-by-position and previewed the overall matchup, with an emphasis on blocking Khalil Mack and defending Tarik Cohen. Plus, predictions!

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  • My prediction – An Eagles fan will throw batteries, then ice at Santa, then Ed Snider light up bracelets out on the field, then vomit on a 12 year old girl, then eat horse droppings. They are such a well educated, classy bunch, lol.

  • You guys must be smoking crack if you really think it's even going to be close Sunday. It's going to be a bloodbath. Our defense is ranked third against the tight end Zach ertz will be neutralized. You guys would have to get the Run established even have a chance. Philly is 28th in the league in rushing so good luck. We're hoping Foles comes out throwing and when they can't get the Run established they will turn one dimensional. That's when our secondary will feast. Victor A. Fangio AKA "Slick Vic" is the best defensive coordinator in the league. He's been the best defensive coordinator ever since the 49ers went to the Superbowl. That was the moment when I knew you guys were full of shit is when you said Schwartz was it better defensive coordinator then Vic Fangio. Philly had a fluke season last year and this year pretty much proved it could even win their division and they played in the most sorry-ass division in the NFC.

  • These idiots are completely off base in their assessment of Mitch. Certainly has been very efficient over the last quarter of the season, and has NOT made critical mistakes.

  • Reasonably objective analysis but Pederson and Nagy are a wash,. Sure. Peterson won a championship but Nagy has had one of the best first seasons ever for a rookie coach. In no world is Schwartz a better Def. coordinator than Vangio, for that comment alone, I gave the video a thumbs down.

    What a shocker that both you guys picked the Eagles, lol.

  • go EAGLES! Saeumeulo should do fine against the run and Golden Tate is gonna show people some things this weekend.. I have a strong feeling.. HE has alot of heart and Gets up for games like this. (esp he has alot of practice against bears

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