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NFL Week 16: Eagles vs. Texans recap

Just before Christmas, St. Nick did it again! Nick Foles guided the Eagles to a thrilling victory over the Texans on Sunday, though the Birds still need help to make the playoffs. Zack Rosenblatt and Mike Kaye break down the Eagles’ game-winning drive, Nick Foles’ performance and everything else about the 32-30 victory.

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  • Great show, men. Wish you would have gone a little deeper into the upcoming Chicago vs Minnesota match up. Do the Bears have anything to play for to make week 17 interesting?
    Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

  • What's going on everybody guys watching balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls kind of sounds gay doesn't it balls balls balls balls balls balls

  • Im a Texans fan and Houston native. Good game. Bill O'Briens horrible Coaching as usual and our defense lost the game. I like the eagles also., But man I have to admit I was stunned by Nick Foles how he threw all over our exposed secondary, much respect to Foles. I said this at the beginning of the year, If the eagles would of started Foles after a few busted games by Wentz, Maybe you eagles would be the for sure division winners; maybe 11-3 instead of 7 -7. I think Peterson faked Wentzs injury because they know Nick Foles is the better quarterback this year or even if its legit, Foles is still better. Wentz couldn't recuperate mentally after his injury. Chip Kelly cursed Nick Foles when he got rid of him years ago. Nick is not a back up, he's a starter!

  • Big problem in NFL: Officiating. The refs nearly handed this game to the Texans. Again, later game Steelers/Saints, the refs hands Saints two touch downs. NFL is licensed as "entertainment" not sports. Just like the WWF. The games/league are rigged just like professional wrestling. Its all a joke. None of it is real. Wake up people.

  • This guy is an idiot Nick is the master Jedi of this eagles quarterback core all he does is set NFL records and out performs his oppositions. Comes from behind the shadows emerges to save the eagles season over and over again. Carson isn't his equal a mere amateur apprentice with aspirations to become a Nick Foles a student in training Prematurely proclaimed great but the students haven't surpassed their mentor and may not. Foles is a once in a lifetime quarterback legend like Tom Brady. He's Philadelphia's version of Tom Brady. The analyst and the eagles organization were wrong the legend is Nick his opportunity become redemption Respect resurrection and the legacy of an eagles quarterback warrior. Trade him? There is no eagles dynasty his protege's aren't ready yet told over and over He's good not great till he set's and breaks NFL quarterback records. He's no backup he's the finisher.

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