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NFL Week 8: Eagles vs. Jaguars recap

The Eagles held off a late charge from the Jaguars and won 24-18 in London. Now, they go into their bye week with a win and a .500 record. Zack Rosenblatt and Mike Kaye break down every part of the game, including Carson Wentz’s tough start and stellar finish, the emergence of Josh Adams and Jordan Matthews, and the ups and downs of the defense.

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  • The fumble is on the line he got sacked from behind ,jalen came all the way over from Carson right side.He shoulda seen him coming but he didn't.nobody said he's perfect he's still really young people don't realize that.he's still balling out.

  • Carson Wentz biggest strength and weakness is his passion and willpower to compete….. Do I wish he would throw away the ball more.. yea sometimes.. but that's his EDGE factor and gives him that extra gear of explosion and able to make a big play out of broken down play when nothing is there. Similar to an Aaron Rodgers hell make mistakes from time to time but usually if he makes a mistake he'll make up for it in some shape or fashion later on in the game cauz he knows he needs to carry the team sometimes to give team a better chance of winning or staying in the game.

  • You idiots do realize that Carson has 2 INTs in 6 games right? He was facing a top 2 defense and he still came out with a 119 QB rating. Chill the hell out you crybabies. I know you guys need to find something to talk about but you also dont want to be the dumbos who are ALWAYS negative because I can promise you that you will lose viewers.

    Plus you can tell how the one guy LOVES to hear his own voice. He talks ALLLLLOT and its usually negative 99% of the time

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