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Post Game – Auburn Sugar Bowl Press Conference

Gus Malzahn and players discuss Auburn’s loss to Oklahoma in the 2017 Sugar Bowl.

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  • please fire malzahn and Jacobs immediately. this was a disgrace, what the neck did they do during halftime take a nap? at least get us an offensive person that can develope a quarterback. then we hear the same ole crap from malzahn, we are stacked for next year, it is the best team since I've come here. and the sec network needs to get rid of Brent hamburger, can that man not control that big mouth of his? does he think we care about hearing all that Gump crap every time we play? and then Jesse Palmer making the comment about the bully getting bullied, how the heck is a 8-4 team a bully to a 10-2 team. wow this was just a ridiculous night!!!