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Rep. Jim Jordan faces growing accusations of inaction during Ohio State abuse

Combative conservative Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is denying claims from multiple former Ohio State University wrestlers that he knew about inappropriate touching from sports physician Richard Strauss while working there as an assistant coach. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  • 5 people making accusations and Jordan says they are liars. 20 women have accused President Trump of sexual deviancy and he says all of them are liars. In both cases the Republicans are silent. How many accusers does there have to be before action is taken 50, 100, 1000? The Trump base will even believe that a 1000 accusers are ‘deep state’ plots – how can a Country so advanced in military, economic and technological terms have so many dumb people???

  • shitcan this guy and send a message.. remember, we're Americans..if we do anything well it is civil wars, tyrannical revolts, and hanging fucking lying politicians regardless of skin color

  • LOL Listen to Jim trying to defend himself just like the republicans he's attacking are doing …. hows it feel mutherfuckers??? He's probably a pedo himself if he saw nothing wrong with what the coach was doing. Im betting theres some dark shit thats about to come out. I knew Jim had something fucked up about him … i knew it.

  • Looks like Jim has a lot to answer…. Hopefully he deposed by investigators and his testimony is made public fir all the world to see if he also will lie under oath…

  • Jim Jordan was an assistant coach. Who was the Head coach? Why do I not hear about the Head wrestling coach? Why didn't they take their complaints to the Head coach? Why didn't they take it to the Athletic director? Why didn't they take their accusations to Dr. Gee, the president of OSU? Getting my drift?

  • I think hateful Jim Jordan is gay, and he's ashamed of that, and that's why he didn't want to have any involvement. He protected a pervert, typical Republican hypocrite… they pretend to care about the family, yet Alabama Judge Roy Moore was just find raping children, as long as they say they are anti gay.. Jordan went down the anti Hillary BENGHAZI and HILLARY'S EMAILS rabbit holes for YEARS, with nothing to show for it. Jim, come out of the closet… it is liberating… and stop protecting perverts.

  • He is a typical republican he lies and they are the do as I say party not as I do. Thank God I left the party to be a moderate independent. The man will lie because he wants to be in power. It's time to rid the nation of the republicans for good.

  • Note, he is using the same excuse as Donald Trump when he ran as a candidate " Locker room talk about sexual abuse" in Trump's case. Now, Jordan seemed to have taken a leaf out of Trump's book.

  • Why would we expect him to admit anything . His behavior is disgraceful , Jim do you really think you would ever be President one mistake(trump) is enough.

  • I’m guessing this is just the tip of the iceberg for Jordan. I kinda respect him for his past as an athlete and a coach
    And he’s not rich at all like every one of his GOP greedy colleagues. He’s a real outliar in that respect. But his politics are way out there. He would be happier in Russia where he can be part of a true deep state. That’s what he wants.
    Total control. Don’t know what to think of this except Jim sure has a big mouth
    When it comes to other people’s made up misdeeds. But not his own, and this all sounds true not fake like what Jim does on a daily basis
    he could have made a difference
    He’s a coward at the very least.
    But I bet there’s way more if karma is any guide

  • The timing of this seems odd. Why did they wait 20 plus years to raise the issue? I don't believe the wrestlers are making up that they were abused by the doctor. But if they didn't file a formal complaint what do they expect? Good luck trying to do an ethics investigation on Jordan for something that happened between 20 and 30 years ago. I can't believe that Jordan would have sat idly by and not done anything if he knew about the abuse. i think they are trying to smear him. if he was coach from mid 80s to mid 90s he would have been in his mid 20s to early 30s, so showering with the wrestlers doesn't seem to me that, that would have been that out of line.

  • Disabato, one of the accusers has a record of being a terrible man. He has a history of of fraud charges. He even exploited the death of a fallen US Marine, then bullied the widow when she tried to get him to stop.

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    Listen to all the widdle wiberal wibtards whining…BooHoooooo BooooHoooo LOLOLOL
    Poor widdle wibtards. Have widdle wimpy arses all covered wiff red rashes from November 2016 when big-mean trump stomped his boot up Criminal Hillary’s stinkin lyin arse.

    Poor widdle Wibturds. Butthurt and steaming at the ears LOLOLOL.
    Ohhhhh it’s soooooooooooo much fun watching your brainless heads with wagging tongues crying out in torment. HaHa.

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