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Stephen A.: Kevin Durant better teammate for Kawhi than LeBron | The Stephen A. Smith Show | ESPN

On The Stephen A. Smith Show, Stephen A. responds to the news that Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, Golden State Warriors NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant and new Toronto Raptors arrival Kawhi Leonard were working out together at UCLA, and discusses whether LeBron or KD would be a better teammate for Kawhi.

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  • Stephan a Smith you say we don't know basketball the only reason kd has two rings is because he went to a team that was already stacked and you praise him for that but don't praise LeBron for bringing a championship to Cleveland you are the biggest LeBron hater ever keep kissing kd's ass

  • I understand the fit of KD and Kawhi is lethal on paper but the reason that tandem would not do as well as a LeBron-Kawhi or LeBron-KD tandem is not skill set based. It’s simple, neither Kawhi or KD are alpha personalities, they are not leaders. They cannot run a basketball team like LeBron can. Who’s handling the ball on a Kawhi-KD team? Who’s deciding who takes the shot? Who’s leading? This is important to consider. With LeBron you know you’ve got a leader with the highest basketball I.Q in the league, a guy who is by far the best offensive player in the league when you combine scoring and playmaking. You pair him up with Kawhi and you’ve got the best defensive player in the league by a long way, they would complement each other so well on the court. Kawhi needs the leadership LeBron provides. Also, LeBron has already played with a similar player to Kawhi and that was D Wade and they are one of the greatest duos in the history of the league. I believe LeBron and Kawhi would be similar and we might get to see it next season, that would be special.

  • I wish this nigga would shut the fuck up. For someone who's knows alot about basketball he still say stupid shit and argue things that don't matter. Completely leaving out context. Durant does not make anybody better, not one teammate. Lebrons specialty is making players better and creating easy shots for his teammates. Obviously Lebron will make it easier for Kawhi to do his thing. KD didn't accomplish a thing until he went to a stacked team so I don't want to hear about him being finals MVP. His team was fucking loaded. Warriors get no props for beating the Cavs, they only had only player to worry about and he still dropped 51 on them. Warriors almost didn't make it to the finals this year. KD was MIA in some of those games against Houston but this the guy you would pick over Lebron. Fuck outta here.

  • KD with Lebron or Kawhai just doesn't work . LeBron is too much like Westbrook and Kawhai can't stay on the court without getting a minor injury to nurse for the whole year .

    Durant you're in the perfect situation . Stay with the Champs KD . Make your own case for the MJ comparison for yourself , not LeBron . Why help Lebron gain more Finals MVPs , and hurt your legacy in the process ? You've got 4 scoring titles, Two Finals MVPs , one league MVP , defensive capabilities yet discovered , and counting . You have alot more potentiall to be the greatest scorer EVER KD . Playing with Steph and Klay , the Best back court In history is where you belong KD . There is magic with these three . This Triangle offense with these three players in their primes is SPECIAL , and LEGENDARY, as Cleveland A Smith would like to say .

    You've already played with a ball hogging , stat stuffing for myself , head case diva , with Westbrook . Don't do it with LeBron for the same reasons , and be his bitch with a bunch of misfits on the team to have to deal with . I mean do you want to deal with Lavar Ball critiquing your game all the time KD , if you play good or bad ? Don't play with Kawhai , the most overrated injured two faced player there is right now in the NBA . There would be NO chemistry between you , and Kawhai .

  • Durant can finish with 7 rings and lebron could finish with 3. It doesn't matter. Durant joined an all time team that cant lose. Does stephen a. Smith not think fans will take this into account when comparing the 2? Hes really taken lebrons comments to heart. Get over it stephen a. Smith. YOU HAVE WEAK SOURCES!

  • Stephen A. be watching Undisputed taking notes from Skip….lol

    But on the real tho, I think Stephen A. is tired of LeBron….over the years, he has had his fill of LeBron and is suffering from LeBron fatigue….he's tired of his greatness and just tired of people applauding him….so much so that it irks him to give LeBron credit, even for the philanthropic endeavors (he only does it to "be fair" on tv)… reality, Stephen A is ready to move on to someone else as the topic of discussion.

    As it pertains to the topic at hand, KD is great, no denying that, BUT I am not sold of his greatness at a CHAMPIONSHIP level because of the team he has around him. The Golden State Warriors are not just all-stars, they're a USA Olympic Starting 5 squad….(please let that sink in)….It doesn't matter how bad their shooting struggles in any game, you can NEVER ignore their presence….so much so that at 7-ft, KD ALWAYS has a single defender on him (unstoppable)….teams don't plan defenses to stop KD because there's too much other firepower on the floor to ignore…..this is a TOTALLY different strategy when dealing with LeBron…against a LeBron led team, LeBron IS the focal point of the opposing defense. Oh and people harp on defense now a days but don't realize that KD can take pleasure in playing defense now because he gets easier shots on this team…where was the "elite defense" in OKC?

    At the end of the day, KD is not a dude that I can say, give me him and ANY 5 and we'll be contenders…..but I CAN say that about ole 23 (in my Shannon Sharpe…..LeBron plus virtually ANY other 4 guys is a contender.

  • KD scored over 40 in the finals and we glorifying him, Lebron had 51 by himself against KD and the Warriors……SAS relax and stop being so annoyingly loud……we all know Durant has talent and nobody is saying otherwise but to bring up free throw shooting ( really ), if so them if KD and Bron team up, KD can shoot all the free throws, since we speaking of teammates and not who is a better player….you praise KD so much and said nothng about Kawhi, so why now would you pick KD/Kawhi again, we dont know as you spoke all this time about the obvious……what can Kawhi do better than Bron apart from being younger and playing harder on defense, Kawhi does block shots like Bron or intimidate you at the rim like Bron… STFU and get off the radio

  • Durant is greatest offensive player in NBA history? What about Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain? Wait until Ingram from Lakers comes into his prime. And you all are going to absolutely love R.J. Barrett , Cameron Reddish, and Gerald Liddell who are all coming out of next year's draft. I guarantee you that at least one of them if not all will be better than Kevin Durant.

  • If you swapped lebron and KD these past years do the Cavs make the finals every year? Do they win a single game against the lebron warriors? I bet KD doesnt average no 35 and 8 on 50 some %shooting…

    The game has been made extremely easy for Durant because of his weak ass decision. He cant get double teamed as much because hes got the 2 best shooters in the world on his team.
    He doesnt have to guard the other teams best players because hes got a top 5 (at least maybe top 3) defender in the league on his team.

    It's easy to play well when you have all that backing you up juss sayin. Lebron almost always played extremely well when he had bosh and wade at his side

  • No steph=vulnerable kd .You forgetting that bron and kawhi would take da life out of kd on defense and if he missed then kawhi gonna miss next therefore bron an kawhi over kawhi and Kd cuz they two great lockdown defenders. Something tells me kd shooting great cuz he don’t want steph taking his shots in this case there is no steph soo kd missing his shot.

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