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Stephen A. Smith: Celtics should not pursue a trade for Kawhi Leonard | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith does not think the Boston Celtics should take the risk of trading for Kawhi Leonard because he wants to be with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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  • I don't understand how the Spurs can take the 14 percent chance that the Kings get #1 pick next year and therefor get almost nothing for what would be thei primary piece in a trade. Remember With the new CBA all four of the worst teams in the league have the same. 14 percent chance at#1.

  • I think the Celtics are in a pretty good position. And, if they find they really do need another all star, then they shouldn't pursue Kawhi unless he shows a great amount of interest in them and mostly no other teams. They don't really need him anyway. And, he would probably ask for a lot of money if they somehow do get him and he resigns or, if they sign him next offseason. I think that if something happens or they feel as if they want or need another all-star, i would go for Jimmy Butler. He's a pretty good player. And, he probably wouldn't ask for as much as Kawhi Leonard would. Jimmy is an all star and an Olympic gold medalist. They could either be patient and sign him during the 2020 offseason or trade for him. I personally think the Celtics have a great roster and it shouldn't be tampered with. We saw what happened with the Cavs this season! If i were the Celtics, I would wait until the 2020 offseason to sign him so i don't lose any valuable things. And if he doesn't work out, trade him for things we need!

  • Big mistake trading Kawahi to Lakers. I'm still psychologically recovering from Mychal Thompson deal from 87. Not only did Thompson go to LA, he talked crap about the Spurs and it took SA years to recover. Please not again.

  • If Celtics need a player to add to their roster, it would be an athletic stretch big who can play defense e.g., Anthony Davis. You can partner such a player with Horford in the frontcourt, and surround them with athletic explosive perimeter scorers e.g. J. Tatum, J. Brown, Kyrie. Otherwise no need to tinker with the team, just let Hayward return and earn his starting spot.

  • Long time Lakers fan here (lol)

    Celtics keep your team. If this was a 2k online league everyone would try to trade for Celtics players.. id keep my team intact no trade.. if you can get better bench players maybe.. but thsts it

  • Trade kyrie for Kawhi. Would be best defensive team of all time and very good offensively. Rozier > Smart (if resigns) PG, Kawhi> Brown SG, Hayward > Tatum SF, Horford > Yabusele (sleepin on him), Theis, PF, Baynes > Robert Williams C. make it happen Danny

  • Molly this is not one of your greater segment performances. SAS was lethargic toward topic& it forced Max to over talk postion. Max forgot the question even when SAS answered first. Molly, you need to work on smoother transition to new topics. I understand your the moderator, but screaming over your host to interject reflex poorly on you. In addition, be cautious of facial expressions, specifically (2:10 min ). The way you lowered brow and bit your lip conveyed frustration/contempt.

  • The C's can kill two birds with one stone by trading for Kawhi. They can help their championship chances for a year as well as stop the Lakers from forming a super team.

  • Celtics need to stand pat! Sometimes a bird in hand is better than two in a bush; that’s so true in this instance. I think from a morale stand point, the Celtics need to show some loyalty and stick with the talent they have. They need to continue to build and develop these young players. It wasn’t long ago that Kawhi was a young and up incoming player. It took years for him to develop as well. And it’s also know in many NBA circles that Kawhi wants to play for the Lakers. Why try to sell him on something else when he’s already got his mind made up? And the upheaval of trying to acquire and fit him in a system as well as what this change would mean to team cohesion. We tend to forget that these players are human beings with feelings and not only assets and parts to a machine. These are living, breathing organisms. The Celtics can get too ahead of themselves on this and risk alienating other players on the team. A situation I just described can be off putting for present players of the organization as well for potential free agents.

  • i don’t want celtics to trade for kawhi anyways. then we’ll have two stars that might not even wanna be there. i’d rather keep building for the future to become a possible dynasty

  • I like Terry over Kyrie.
    He is younger and cheaper.
    Since Boston ended up having
    many of their picks star-trained,
    maybe they should go young & healthy.
    Trade away those 28up, perhaps?

  • if i was Ainge, i would give Horford+Brown+Rozier for Davis and sign with Lebron. Ofc i would trade Kyrie for Kemba because Lebron and Kyrie won't work. Davis, Lebron, Tatum, Hayward in same team with coach Stevens? Uhh