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Stephen A. Smith to Kawhi Leonard: You’re a grown man | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith tells Kawhi Leonard “you’re a grown man” in regards to his relationship with Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs.

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  • We don’t want Kyrie he is a weak man always injured dribbles to much not a winner he is a me person. Kawi needs to go he is soft mentally can’t speak for himself, has single mother raised tendencies. Listening to the wrong people just like Mike Tyson did. I get tired of people making excuses for these guys. Kawi is 26 he is a man not a kid. Kawi acts like a kid because he has not educated himself and he is passive aggressive like Lebron, but Lebron educated himself so did his friends. Single mothers , and AAU are ruining these kids, and they never grow up. I’m glad I had enough sense to get away from my mom and the hood to make something of myself and learn how to be a man from my girlfriends, and friends who had both parents at home. There dads showed me how to be a man. Their moms showed me what kind a woman is a good woman. Not a woman having kids by different men, but no fathers. The cycle continues lost generations, because women want take birth control , or make a man wear a condom. These guys grow up talking bad about their dads and glorifying there hoeing Basketball Wives hoeing moms. The man who slept with your mom and got her pregnant and she decided to have you at 14 or 16 . Was just having sex, your mom was trying to trap him, get a free government check, and child support, but your mom is not a hoe. When it happens to you, then that women is a hoe, then her kid grows up hating you because the mom talks bad about you all the time. Oh and they want have an abortion because they don’t believe in that because they are religious. I guess having sex at 14 is not part of the religion.

  • For those of you saying SAS is this and that , FIRST OFF SAS , wasn’t saying that he should have told the media !



  • kawhi happy to collect his millions and not play ,speak up you wanker you got a voice instead of others wiping you ass for you if you dont want to be at spurs say so harden up pussy i get injured all the time and still go to work just like every other person softcock

  • You can't bash Kawhi for things he never actually said, but you CANNOT defend him either. Y'all act like NBA players are "just like us" but newsflash they aren't. AT ALL. They're famous, richer than ANY of us will ever be (for playing a SPORT), and the only reason NBA players are even able to make bank in the first place is because of fans and consumerism. I'm sorry, but if you're an 20-something year old dude earning millions to play fucking basketball then the VERY LEAST you can do is provide your fans with an actual explanation of what's going on. You owe it to them, I don't care about all this "Kawhi doesn't owe anybody anything" bullshit. Hop off celebrity/athlete dick. You empathize because you think they're one of us but they're not. They're overpaid humans who happen to excel in an industry that happens to make a ton of money. There are many extremely talented surgeons/doctors who work WAY harder than athletes, lose sleep and years of their lives, sacrifice their OWN well-being for the benefit of others, and still get paid a TINY fraction of what athletes get paid. Yet because the healthcare industry isn't like the NBA, they can't get paid hundreds of millions. No reason to feel sorry for athletes. Guarantee despite all the media nonsense etc. they would MUCH rather still have their own lives than yours.

  • san antonio, welcome to the real world. being a highly recognized franchise has its boundaries. you think the lakers have had things easy because its the "city of stars?" you guys are barely learning the REALITY of a sustaining franchise. REAL TALK. you guys were lucky to get tim duncan due to d.robinson's being out the prior season to the draft that brought tim duncan. you guys have 1/10 the experience that the lakers have had to endure as well as the pressure. you guys think this is stress right now? wait another 20 years and lets see if the spurs are even around. again, REAL talk. no major free agent wants to join sa other than lamarcus and right about now, i bet he is seriously regretting joining sa.

  • Why do they act like these athletes are kids still? Or that that their selfish attitudes is because they are "still young and learning" I remember having 18 year old men that went to war with me and did their job professionally all while learning / striving to be better people for their families too. Talk about spoil attitudes, crazy yo.

  • Anyone noticed how you can throw "this is what it means to be a grown man" on top of anything? You're a grown man if you like pepsi, you're a grown man if you like coke. You're a grown man if you are outspoken, you're a grown man if you don't need to explain anything to anyone. Its fucking stupid how this "grown man" shit can be said against anything you do. I can say " ifyou're a grown man, you should take it up the ass" and if i said it well enough people will nod their head and say yeah you right. Fucking stupid ass argument. Grown men do whatever the fuck they want shut the fuck up.

  • Kawhi is the only one not speaking. Please explain to me how he is at fault for what you hear. You keep saying he is silent. If other Grown black men would follow his example. Loud mouth black men like you would be out of a job.

  • Kawhi simply wanted to go to the Lakers and there is nothing wrong with that it’s his career he gets to choose his employer. Like when Lebron wanted to go to Miami for a shot at a title so what’s the problem it’s how you do things and Kawhi and his camp look very petty and unprofessional. That is why it looks very bad on him