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Winter Olympics 2018 | Nigeria Leads the Way with Africa’s First Olympic Bobsledders

Making Winter Olympics history – Nigeria will be competing in the women’s bobsled at Pyeongchang 2018.

The inspiration is SeunAdigun, an American-born hurdler, of Nigerian parentage, who competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics

“I knew a lot of my track and field friends that had segued into the sport after and so after taking about three years from the 2012 Summer Olympic Games off from all sports in general I decided you know what I wanted to get back into an Olympic sport. And that’s what brought me into bobsled. And so while I was in the sport was when I realized exactly what was a void from the country of Nigeria from the continent of Africa and for women in general being represented in the sport.”

Seun convinced two friends from US Colleges to join in, then used crowd-funding to raise more than 75,000 dollars for necessities like helmets and travel costs, and then had to form a national body.

These women are hoping to be an inspiration for a country and a continent.

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