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World Cup in Russia will be exceptional – frmr FIFA president Sepp Blatter

Football fever is coming to Russia and the big tournament is just a few days away. The Russia World Cup will see new technologies, debutant teams and new management. How will it all work out and what does it mean for global football? The long-serving former FIFA president Sepp Blatter shared his view.

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  • Ol Sepp got a nice big backhander for giving The World Cup to Russia. We invented this game and should never allowed people like This cunt Blatter to get his grubby hands on it. If I had my way. The World Cup would be held in England every 4 years.

  • No matter what people say, i always thought blatter and platini did alot for football.

    Football has changed alot in blatters time, and he was right, the changes worked.

    The only thing that did not work, was golden goal.

    I have to say in blatters time, the world cup format was finalised into what we know today. I do not think you really can improve on how they have the world cup.

    Personally i would not have var, or goal line techs, to decide if there was goals. Sports like football, should be kept as simple as they can, and controversy, makes sports more dramatic.

    So personally i think blatter has done alot, and i think she was being unfair to him. Football, and especially the world cup in terms of the format has been made better. The standard of entertainment is not as good as since 1986, and before, as todays football is ruined by weapon use to destroy players. But fifa cannot really do much about the cheating of teams with regards to using weapons. But overall, fifa has done a good job, of protecting players, and today football without all the fouling of yester year, looks far better, even though todays football lacks the creative buzz football used to have, before weapons came into football. But fifa like i said cannot do much to stop people cheating with weapons, they can only focus on what they can actually impact.

    For me, blatter did well over his years, and fifa in these years did change football for the better in terms of what fifa has the power to do.

    I think getting rid of blatter and platini was unfair. Both tried to make football better overall for everyone, within the power of what they had. England, and america just went after them, because both england and usa did not get the world cups in 2018, 2022. Just an absolute joke, that blatter and platini was kicked out, when they have had a decent positive impact on football for me overall. Just my opinion, but like everyone, we are all entitled to it.

    I think blatter understands the dangers around football, and did his best to control, and limit them in his time. So no matter what bad things they say about him, i think he had a far more positive impact on football as chief of fifa, then negative.

  • Sepp Blatter speaks wisdom being able to trust others is important to the successful running of any organisation. The Russian World Cup is the greatest show on earth and all football fans are looking forward to Russia winning the first game. Russians are great people with their own culture and opinions and it is about time the world focused on all things Russian. Really looking forward to it.

  • Opening fire on RT:
    Sepp Blatter, are you effing joking⁉ the archi oligarch of FIFA⁉ the embodiment of everything wrong with football over the last 20 years⁉ the gangster who sold the game to the highest bidder⁉ monopoly, embezzlement, racketeering, backroom deals…
    Fuck you Blatter, and yes RT YOU EARNED IT, Fuck you too

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